Derek Dusek


President and Co-Principal

Kansas State University, 1992
Married with two children
Certified AAU Basketball Coach

Derek Dusek is an entrepreneur with a passion for sports and brings over 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience to Fieldhouse Media Group. His vision for FMG is to provide top-shelf creative services with a sports twist at an affordable rate.

Derek has a very versatile background and has operated in the manufacturing, aerospace, staffing and media industries. In 2003, he founded, a very successful internet job board. It was there where his passion for the web developed and ultimately began his profession in media. Derek’s career in sports branding/marketing began in 2008, when he helped launch VYPE HS Sports in Houston, TX. Today he serves as Co-Publisher/Owner for the Houston and SE Texas publications of the popular sports magazine and website In 2010, he entered the sports events business by starting the VYPE Hardwood Basketball Series

Derek’s diverse life path has aligned him with the best ‘Creatives” in the media industry. His aptitude to network and ability to link career-minded people together has ultimately created a collaborative group of professionals that can address the needs of a small businesses. He has a passion for customer service and “wins” when his clients are victorious.





Matt Malatesta


Co-Principal, Publisher, Editor

Louisiana State University, 1993
Married with three children
TD Club Board of Directors

Matt Malatesta has been the voice of Houston high school sports for the past 15 years as the co-publisher of VYPE Magazine in Houston and SE Texas. He appears on KPRC Local 2, KUBE 57 and CSN Houston throughout the year and provides the recruiting content for the Houston Chronicle.

Before helping launch VYPE Houston in 2008, he was the lead scout for in the Greater Houston area and wrote “It’s My Life,” chronicling the state championship run of the North Shore Mustangs in 2004.

While at VYPE Magazine in Houston, Matt has had the opportunity to spearhead the first-ever high school football game at the Dynamo Stadium and work with all of the professional teams for the magazine’s photo shoot events.

Matt’s ability to bridge marketing opportunities with the local sports landscape is unmatched in the area. His relationships throughout the city with Houston’s high school coaches are impeccable.







Daniel Tiller


Creative Guy

Wichita State University, B.F.A., 2004
Single with 5,000 comic books
At age 23 was unofficially the “Most Popular 23-year-old in Wichita”

Daniel was born on a sweltering August day in Ada, OK, and since then he hasn’t slowed down. Starting soccer at the age of four (played until he was 17), even dabbling in wrestling and track in junior high, it was becoming quite clear that Daniel was never going to be one for sitting idle. He was very active in many different clubs and organizations throughout his schooling: Vice-President of German Club, Seargent at Arms in Key Club, National Honor Society, and Drama Club—just to name a few.

After high school, Daniel relocated to Wichita, KS. There, at Wichita State University, he eventually found his passion in Graphic Design (after making his way through a few different majors). Before graduation, he began an internship at the Coleman Company. This is where it all started. In the five years that followed, Coleman allowed him to experience ideas and planning on a global level that he still uses with his clients to this day. After the Coleman Company, (and a quick pit stop at another company) Daniel began working in the magazine industry. It was amazing. From advertising to content layout, it was the perfect fit for him. Currently, Daniel is a Creative Director for three VYPE Magazine franchises.

Along with the magazines, Daniel owns Tiller Creative, where he works with small and large clients, helping with their branding, collateral, web presence, and any other aspect of design they need assistance with.

In addition to design, Daniel has been, and will forever be, a nerd. Comic books, movies and TV shows are how he spends a lot of nights, when he isn’t hanging out with friends or camping (and yes, he has even been known to take books or comics in the great outdoors).



Carrie Follis


Oh Geez

One might say Carrie had the perfect childhood…and that would be correct. She was born and raised in a rural farming community in southwest Kansas by two loving parents who are still married today. Growing up in small town America, far removed from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, made for the perfect environment to feed a young creative mind. It was a simple and happy life. Pretending to be The Dukes of Hazard as her friends and she would tear through town on their bicycles, playing “Gray Wolf” after dark with all the kids in the neighborhood, and running through the irrigation sprinklers on a hot summer day…those were the things that transformed that small town into their amusement park. As special as those times were, nothing can top the fond memories she has of the times that were spent at her grandparents farm with all of her cousins. They would walk on the split-rail fences, play “fort” in the shelter belt, throw rocks in the creek, and catch hundreds of fireflies out of the giant juniper trees. Those were the best times.

After high school, Carrie worked at a design firm while attending school at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver where she graduated with a degree in Visual Communications. While attending school, she was the recipient of an award from the Art Directors Club of Denver. As it turns out, she also received an education in tail-gating, making trash can punch, and the art of negotiating a front row seat at the concerts at Red Rocks. These skills have served her well in life.

The time finally came to put her education to work, and she will tell you, the past twenty-plus years of her career have been good to her. Carrie has had the joy of working with some of the country’s most talented artists, photographers, writers and videographers. While working as Art Director over Brand Design and Packaging at the Coleman Company, her responsibilities included managing and directing artwork and photography for packaging and collateral materials, and leading their team of nine artists. She was given the 3rd and 4th Quarter Area Achiever Awards, and was the recipient of two awards from, and was published in Graphic Design USA for collateral materials she produced for Coleman. Carrie then made a drastic career change and drank the “Publishing Kool-Aid”. She put her skills to work as Creative Director for FocusOn, the publishing company for WomensFocus Magazine, VYPE High School Sports, and NakedCity Magazine. Her responsibilities included managing and directing two artists, directing and managing photography, and acting as Managing Editor for NakedCity Magazine. But, one of the things that means the most to Carrie, is to have had the privilege to be a part of Daniel Tiller’s career ever since he graduated. She feels very blessed to still be working with Daniel to this very day.
Although all of this was very rewarding to her, there was a voice inside calling her to do something more. Admittedly, she is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, always creating something new, but the pinnacle of her career to-date was her last adventure as a magazine publisher and art gallery owner. Although Carrie had to make the heart-breaking decision to close the doors on that chapter of her life, it was personally fulfilling beyond her dreams. And at least for a little while, she was able to give back to the creative community in which she lived…for that she is very proud. She feels eternally grateful to those who helped carry that torch along the way, it grew pretty heavy at times.

Having survived that, Carrie still is, and always will be a thinker, dreamer and believer in the greater good…a humanitarian who can’t be cured. She believes in giving local mom and pop businesses a fighting chance in today’s global marketplace. New Orleans is where she is currently pursuing her professional goal: to help companies put their best image forward through affordable, smart, and attainable design and marketing solutions. This is what fuels the fire for her most recent venture, Meadowlark Creative. As a creative director, she chooses to take a positive, fun-loving approach to the creative process so that together, with her clients, they can conceive and execute the very best design solutions to help grow their business.

Carrie’s skill set includes expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite for print, photo retouching, and web design, and WordPress site design and development. Additionally, she has an extensive knowledge of the creative process and a strong understanding of the importance of setting reasonable deadlines based upon a project’s various timelines. Organization is also one of her strong suits, as well as managing timelines, resources, and workflow while remaining flexible in order to accommodate last minute changes. But most importantly, Carrie has an undying passion for great design.

Whew! Are you sure we didn’t leave anything out, Carrie?


David Kravetz - Site Design, Customer Service and Support

David Kravetz


Web Design, Support Specialist and Chief Gofer

Northern Arizona University, B.S.
Arizona State University, M.A.

David Kravetz is a Web Design and Support Specialist with an expertise in WordPress. He works closely with clients to assess and meet their site design needs and then provides the training and support for each client. With 10 years of Customer Service background, David knows how to keep the customer satisfied.

David brings a briefcase full of skill sets to Fieldhouse Media Group with extensive experience in sports marketing (especially high school and small college), social media, social marketing, internet broadcasting, video production, website management and maintenance, business development, customer relations, photography and more. In his marketing career he has visited over 1000 high schools around the US, numerous school districts and a number of small colleges. He has also done extensive promotional and internet broadcasting work with the NJCAA, USA Swimming, the NAIA and other organizations.

Outside of Fieldhouse Media Group, David manages his own Web Consulting business called Sumoflam Productions and has provided Web Design, Web Management Services, Internet Broadcasting Support, Music Video Production and Musician Promotion Services to numerous businesses, organizations and musicians. He is also fluent in Japanese and has provided translation and interpreting services for over 30 years.

David has managed and produced over 500 internet broadcasts of high school, small college and youth sporting events all over the country and has worked with internet broadcasters in four countries. He continues to provide support for organizations like, and

David is an avid travelographer and in his spare time travels the country on back roads. He has a popular travel blog about back roads adventures replete with stories and photographs of his travels (See Less Beaten Paths). He also manages two other blogs and three photo sites (See Sumoflam’s Weird & Wonderful America). Recently he met the qualifications to be accepted into the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.


David has been happily married for 35 years to his college sweetheart and has five children and nine grandchildren.